P1TS Home Page

Welcome to the P1TS real-time race strategy software home page, currently supporting IMSA race teams.


The following publications give an overview of the system. The latest are listed in the P1TS.com website.

  • P1TS – Fact Sheet briefly illustrates how P1TS can be used to assist race engineers and strategists in solving many of the race strategy problems they face by understanding data such as: lap times, gap times, driving times, pit times, and their deltas and trends.
  • P1TS – Phoenix American Motorsports Case Study shows how monitoring race gap trends and pit strategies was used to improve a third place finish to a second place podium finish.
  • P1TS User Guide is the problem-oriented publication detailing how engineers and strategists use the system.
  • P1TS YouTube Tutorials is the companion site containing easy to understand 3 to 5 minute videos showing how the system may be used.
  • P1TS Install Guide describes system requirements, recommendations, setup, and how to optionally create a simple WiFi network to use with multiple Chrome browsers on laptops and tablets.
  • P1TS Blog contains the latest P1TS-related news.
  • P1TS – Buy Now shows the current full season and single event pricing.

Want to find out more? Contact us at info@p1software.com